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Our Promise

Real-time Inventory
What you pay for is what you get. At the check-out page, your order is scanned thru our inventory system to check stock. This will help eliminate the out-of-stock situation and substitutions for our customers.

We aim for 100% fulfillment and satisfaction. If you are not happy for any reason, let us know and we will make it right. Contact us thru our chat section in the app or thru our Customer Interface team that has texted you. We hope you can let us know on the day of delivery.

We guarantee freshness, and we do quality control before your order leaves our Fulfilment Center. If something is not right, let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect with deliveries?

Delivery rates depend on your barangay. You will see the delivery options and rates at the checkout page.

If you forgot to include an item in your purchase and the delivery goes to the same address on the same date, the second delivery fee will be refunded to you in cash upon the delivery.

Once order is placed, a confirmation in the app will be shown. You can review your orders by clicking on the bell icon on the upper right corner of the app. Additionally, a text from our Customer Interface will be sent to you on the day of delivery that your delivery is on its way.

We use a combination of in-house delivery fleet and third-party delivery drivers on motorcycles or vehicles. Our in-house Customer Interface team is the one directly communicating with you for the delivery and any queries, because we keep your mobile number and name confidential to the third-party drivers (we have too many celebrities and VIPs, you know who you are). We also only use a first OR last name and the order number, in the package, to protect the identity of our customers.

We ask for you to kindly meet our delivery person not more than 10 minutes upon arrival (let's think of our drivers, too).

Some barangays have scheduled weekly deliveries at only 30-50Php per delivery. If you select this delivery option, your order will be delivered on that specific day of the week. Example: If you select the "Scheduled Tuesday delivery" option, your order will be delivered on Tuesday.

2. What can I expect with payments?

Our payment gateway provider is wholly owned by VISA, based in Singapore. It is a worldwide payments leader used by over 450,000 businesses globally.

We accept all Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. And in November, we will be accepting GCash and GrabPay.

Please make sure your card is eligible for enrolled online transactions.

We do not store your credit card information. We protect your data with a secure method called tokenization that swaps out your card details with a randomized number to protect you from fraud.

3. Are the pictures in the app what I can expect the product to be?

We choose the pictures in our app that best describe the product.

If for any reason you did not get what you expect, let us know. We will refund it.

4. How are my items going to be packaged?

We mainly use recycled brown boxes. Our aim is to use the least packaging material possible while still making sure to separate the wet from the dry goods.

If you want us to use less plastic, just let us know. If you want us to separate the goods more, also do let us know.

5. How do I change my password?

To reset your password, log out of your account, and click on "forgot password" in the log in page.